Sailing Down the Rhine

The world, needless-to-say, has thousands of travel options to enjoy and in the past 50 years of my traveling life I have always chosen places that afforded me not only the main world-famous sites to see (which are great), but additionally cities and towns where I could have memories based on special experiences.  

One trip of choice which I go back to over and over again is European river cruising. I have cruised the Rhine river in Germany dozens of times and astonishingly I've found new nooks and crannies to explore on every cruise which have given me those feel good moments.

I remember on one cruise savoring a hot flaming coffee on a cool November day at a cute cafe in Rudesheim. They go all out with the table side service with a dark coffee laced with Asbach brandy, set aflame then topped with luscious whipped cream.... I remember that feeling so well. These are the things you remember about your travels.

So on this November day, while in quarantine, I thought I would share some of my photos while sailing this magnificent river.

I love this part of the world and it's more affordable than you might think. With all the incredible promotions on at the moment you can get an all-inclusive 8 day Rhine cruise starting as low as $2700 per person!

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Dream on!

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