Antarctica & Patagonia Expedition

If you want your future travel to be something very different and exhilarating then you will be thrilled with a cruise to Antarctica & Patagonia with Seabourn!

Mere words cannot describe its majesty, and even the most striking photos fall short of conveying the immense scale and otherworldly beauty of this remote destination.

It lay undetected for most of recorded time, beyond the margins of the known world. Even after someone stumbled on it, its isolation and the necessary rigors of the journey kept all but the most intrepid away. Those who did return ran short of superlatives to describe its magnificence. We now go to Antarctica in a style undreamed by those ardent early pioneers. But what awaits you there – the snowy, sentinel mountain ranges, teeming penguin colonies and stately parades of monumental icebergs; the sight of an albatross effortlessly gliding across an ink-blue sea and the unexpected rainbow of mist arising from a breaching whale – all of that is virtually unchanged from the time before its discovery.

That is the magic of Antarctica, its timeless majesty and pristine beauty. Those who have seen it claim it’s impossible to adequately describe, that you have to go yourself. We believe that is an excellent suggestion, and one we can assist travelers in accomplishing. Guests will be accompanied by a veteran Expedition Team, who in many cases have made Antarctica the focus of their life’s work. They’ll tell you what they know, point out what they think you ought to see, and step ashore with you to share the profound experience of adventure and discovery that brings them back year after year. And when guests gather at day’s end in the luxury of their elegant resort at sea, they can try to find the words to describe it for themselves.

When you cruise with Seabourn, we promise a voyage that is nothing short of magical. Each cruise to Antarctica and Patagonia includes the following exclusive amenities and activities designed to enhance every moment:

* Inclusive zodiac tours and landings

* Digital photography workshops

* Complimentary Seabourn expedition-grade parka and day pack

* Opportunities for frequent wildlife sightings from the ship and on shore

* Onboard Expedition team providing narration & insight to the experience

* Inspiring Enrichment Program and special guest speakers on board

During their Antarctica Expeditions, all guests will have the opportunity to partake in their complimentary zodiac expeditions, each day.  You will find yourself walking around penguin colonies enjoying the views of not only these gracious birds, but also many other avian species as well as seals and the plethora of wildlife that makes Antarctica so unique.  At other times you will be enjoying a zodiac tour as you cruise around massive icebergs searching for whales, birds and seals in the midst of a surreal ice-scape. Some other days you may end up doing both, a landing plus a zodiac tour, and there is also the possibility to book an optional kayak tour, which provides a unique vantage point and a sense of oneness with Antarctica’s exuberant nature that words cannot describe.  Optional Kayaking tours in Antarctica may well be the highlight of the best journey of your life!


Your experienced Seabourn Expedition Team is a select group of academics, scientists and general naturalists who share your passion for exploring and learning about some of the world's remote regions. On board, they provide expert insights into the bio-diversity, ecosystems, physical science, history and culture of the place you visits, both in formal Seabourn Conversations presentations and casual discussion through the ship. They also guide your off-ship expeditions to enhance and enrich your interaction and engagement with destinations.

29 November 2021

Ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia

Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina

21 Days - Seabourn Quest

With their unmatched sense of style, elegance and grace, Seabourn luxury cruise ships beckon you to travel beyond the bounds of the imagination. On board Seabourn, every desire is met promptly and with a welcoming smile. Whether it's a warm blanket and a cup of gourmet hot chocolate as you drift on a small ship cruise along the Fjords or a relaxing neck massage poolside, you'll feel that you're a member of a very exclusive club when sailing on these luxury cruise ships.

Step aboard any one of our ships and you'll enjoy a sophisticated and luxurious small ship cruise like no other. You will feel as though you’ve been invited to sail on a private yacht.

Each small ship cruise offers all ocean-front suites, luxuriously appointed accommodations, an open-bar policy serving premium wine, champagne and spirits, and a world-class dining experience, further enhanced through a culinary partnership with Chef Thomas Keller.

Seabourn Quest is the third iteration of the vessel design that has  been called "a game-changer for the luxury segment." True to her Seabourn  bloodlines, wherever she sails around the world, Seabourn Quest carries with  her a bevy of award-winning dining venues that are comparable to the finest  restaurants to be found anywhere.

   Enjoy your beautiful veranda cabin 

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