07 December 19 - Sapphire Princess!!

Had an early breakfast today and headed off for the pier. I have been really lucky that I didn't get any rain in Singapore and today is cloudy but not too warm.

Checking into the ship was pretty fast and my cabin was fine. Had a few issues however with Princess since the soda package I ordered did not have diet Sprite but only diet coke, seems like a trivial thing but I don't want to drink diet Coke. I told them it should be called a coke package not a "sodas" package and they explained that the package was for fountain drinks only from the pump and the pumps only have diet coke or regular Sprite. .....kinda lame but what can you do.

Then the air conditioning was not working!!!! When it's an oven outside you kinda want the air to be cool inside. They must have made 4 different trips to my cabin to fix it....ceiling down etc...to no avail....it was barely a little cooler. Had a hard time sleeping and the next day they tried again but still nothing.

Then I turn on the tv and lo and behold no CNN!!!  I know, I know you are thinking who cares whats on tv but I have CNN on 24/7 while I work at home and during a critical political week I did not have my CNN while in the cabin. I had asked 5 times before the cruise if they had it and was assured "Oh yes of course we have it"......WRONG!!!! Again a small thing to others but a biggy for me when I was told it was here.

Then another boo-boo was when I got my second luggage with a note attached saying " We found some alcohol in your suitcase and this is against our policies so we removed it and destroyed it"  WHAT????????  I had bought 2 duty-free small bottles as gifts and ok if they needed to remove them that's fine but destroy them????? NO WAY!!!  They need to hold them til the end of the cruise and then give them back......well after going ballistic they advised they would give them back to me at the end of the cruise.

With room service you have to be very specific because if you order coffee unless you mention you want cream & sugar they don't bring it.....same with salt & pepper.....seems obvious to just send it but not on Sapphire Princess.

I had read the ship was refurbished in 2018 but it still looks tired and needs revamping. Lounges are really nice and overall it's fine. I came for the ports which are fabulous so that is the main thing.

Will log off now since I might have to sell my liver to afford the internet bill,,,,lol....catch you soon!


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