05 December 19 - Singapore Day 2

Today was quite hectic! First thing this morning I got on my hop-on-hop-off tour. This is my favorite way to explore a city as it allows me to get off where I want without following a schedule. 

This is truly a great city filled with impressive skyscrapers and the best part is that there is greenery everywhere you look. Trees, gardens and flowers are everywhere. Apartment balconies are adorned with small trees and shrubs, it's quite amazing. They believe in living among nature and evidence of this is at every turn.

They truly believe in street decorations for the holidays as well. It's incredible how every tree on major streets all have large hanging ornaments which light up at night, so beautiful!!

During lunch time I stopped in Little India.....such a colorful area of the city. There are tons of shops selling jewelry (OMG I went nuts window shopping!) 


I love Indian food so of course I had to stop for lunch at a quaint restaurant to have one of my favorite Indian dishes, butter chicken with rice.....WOW, it was the best I had ever had!!

After lunch I was off to Gardens By The Bay. Although I was there last night it was for the Christmas Wonderland and not the gardens. I went crazy taking photos as there are so many species of plants and flowers to look at, was amazing. I was prepared to face humid rainforest weather in the domes but to my surprise and appreciative relief, it was air-conditioned.


By the time I finished visiting here it was almost time for the night tour so I headed out towards the departure point. The night tour was free and included in my hop-off pass. 

We first stopped in Chinatown to an outdoor food market and we were given a voucher for $5. to be used towards our meal. At first I thought this would not go far BUT I managed to enjoy a plate of roasted duck with rice for $6.!!! It was great.

After the dinner we headed off to tour the city at night and to see the lights on Orchard road which was quite spectacular......we also stopped at the Bugis Night Market and I made it back to my hotel by 9:30PM...... was a long day so I have to rest up for tomorrow! 


  1. That indoor garden is beautiful!!!! And butter chicken...yum!!! Looks like an awesome day!!!