02 December - On my way to Singapore!

Well the day has finally arrived....I am on my way to Singapore! Check-in was a breeze and I am now settled in my Qatar Airways Q_Suite! OMG this is living, I won't want to travel any other way...lol

Can you believe that I am writing this from 40,000 feet in the air!  Free Wifi in the air is awesome. I can play Backgammon with my friends, send emails and work on my blog.....just amazing!

First I got a nice welcome glass of champagne (the real kind not some bubbly white wine..lol) Then came the hot nuts. I always heard people in movies talk about hot nuts and mine were always cold so I had to smile when I picked up the first one and it was nice and warm.

Then I was served a trio of different mini quiches which were wonderful and a different champagne...a third glass of a third kind of champagne followed that.....my steward said I just had to try all three kinds....lol

I ordered my dinner from the menu, pea soup, salad, beef au jus and cheesecake......the fun part is that they will serve it only when I want it (love that). There is also an extensive wine and alcohol menu so they might have to carry me off the plane...hahaha. 

I also got my gift bag with some neat toiletries from Italy. They also gave me my pajamas and when I am ready they will make up my bed, mattress and all!..... but not too soon as I want to take this all in. 

Next time I will be writing from the airport at Doha, Qatar!  Nite nite. . . .


  1. Who knew that airline travel could be so enjoyable and relaxing!!!

  2. I swear I got here with no jet lag at all...was incredible!