10 November 19 - Vaccines! What to do?

Went to the clinic for vaccines a few days ago and boy was that an experience! If I had gotten every vaccine know to mankind for this trip it would have cost about $1500....really? After I returned from my coma about pricing I decided to get only the recommended ones including any mandatory ones needed to enter the countries I am visiting. Luckily it cost about $300 including pills (still was a lot but better than $1500.) Got the injections and now I am all set!

Amazing how I could have gotten open-heart surgery paid for with my medicare care but a simple vaccine for travel you have to pay for, does not seem fair. The nurse explained that they charge for these vaccines because they are for travel which is a luxury so the government won't pay for that. I personally don't think travel is a luxury anymore, it's a break from the stress of our ever day lives.

Any-who you can't argue with them cause you lose every time...lol.

Off to manage the next fun part of this trip.....the VISAS!!!  

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