27 November 19 - Getting closer!!

Well I only have 5 days until I leave for Singapore! I almost made a horrible boo-boo, I kept thinking that I was leaving on Tuesday and was setting up my schedule as such, lo and behold I noticed on the calendar that 02 December was actually Monday!!!  Thank goodness I saw this in time because I had planned to spend Monday relaxing before my trip!  OMG I would have missed a non-refundable flight and my plans would have been totally turned upside down!!!!

Whew, only shows that even experienced travel professionals can make mistakes...lol Now that I have rearranged my work load to leave Monday I have a lot to do......off to sort clothes!

26 November 19 - Only 7 Days to Go!!!

Boy oh boy am I having a hectic week! Got the house all in order and now I have to go to the doctor's today (getting cortizone shots in my hips!) then later this week I have to get nails and hair etc done and last minute shopping for the cruise.

Let's not forget my little Chorkie that needs a bath for her vacation at the doggy hotel...lol

I still have to get all my clothes ready as well which they are not! Hopefully I will have it all done by Sunday and then I can relax on my day prior to departure (that would be a first!)

I did manage to print out my full day-by-day itinerary and all my vouchers for flights, hotels, cruise, transfers, restaurants and excursions..... I have about 50 of them!!!!!!

Anyway stay tuned for more information as I get closer to my departure next Tuesday!

10 November 19 - Vaccines! What to do?

Went to the clinic for vaccines a few days ago and boy was that an experience! If I had gotten every vaccine know to mankind for this trip it would have cost about $1500....really? After I returned from my coma about pricing I decided to get only the recommended ones including any mandatory ones needed to enter the countries I am visiting. Luckily it cost about $300 including pills (still was a lot but better than $1500.) Got the injections and now I am all set!

Amazing how I could have gotten open-heart surgery paid for with my medicare care but a simple vaccine for travel you have to pay for, does not seem fair. The nurse explained that they charge for these vaccines because they are for travel which is a luxury so the government won't pay for that. I personally don't think travel is a luxury anymore, it's a break from the stress of our ever day lives.

Any-who you can't argue with them cause you lose every time...lol.

Off to manage the next fun part of this trip.....the VISAS!!!  

05 November 19 - Leaving for Singapore soon!!!

On December 2nd. I will be flying off to Singapore! this will be quite a journey for me, I will spend three days in Singapore and then I will board the Sapphire Princess for a 21 day cruise of Asia! I will be posting here daily so you can keep up with my adventures, so keep coming back!! Check out my itinerary: