29 October 18 - Casablanca, Morocco

Today finds me in Casablanca, Morocco. Because of the movie legend I was interested in seeing this city. It's not what I expected since it is less romantic in essence but interesting nonetheless.

Modern-day Casablanca is Morocco's capital in all ways except ceremonial. The teeming city is the country's largest, with a population going on five million, the majority of whom are only first- or second-generation inhabitants. Casa, as the city is popularly called, is a new city, having grown from a small village of less than a few thousand only 150 years ago. Although a Muslim city, the veil is rarely seen here, and the mixing of men and women is the most open of anywhere in Morocco.

The city center is experiencing a mini boom, with new hotels going up, old ones being refurbished, and an ever-expanding restaurant scene. There's no doubt that Casablanca lacks the allure of some other cities and regions, but taken for what it is, this modern city could be considered a true reflection of today's Morocco.


One of the highlights of my morning tour was a visit to the crown jewel of the city of Casablanca, the Hassan II mosque which has the highest minaret in the world and is the third largest mosque in the world. It truly is beautiful.

After the mosque visit we continued to visit the city and seaside as well as another church.


I had booked a night tour of Casablanca and they returned us to the Mosque to see it by night and then we were off to a restaurant for dinner including a belly dancer performance.

And my doggy for the day is . . . . . .


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