03 November 18 - Returning home

Today we returned to Marseille and then transferred to the airport for my return flight home.

Unfortunately my trip ended on a sour note because I fell off a high stool whose seat wasn't properly bolted to the base, while waiting for my airport transfer and I landed on my tailbone. This was the only time having extra padding on my posterior helped...lol.

The pain was excruciating during my 9 hour flight home but when I pondered on all the magnificent places I had seen and experiences I had I realized how lucky I was to have lived three unforgettable weeks of exploration in historical towns. I was seeped in history, ate gourmet food, took tons of photos, savoured world-renowned wines and had fun scurrying around cobble-stoned streets finding small treasures to take home.

When I finally picked up my little doggy I was overwhelmed and cried realizing how much I had missed her. As she wriggled in my arms licking my face profusely all I kept thinking was that it's good to be home with my new memories.  

Travel adds to our life and makes us more rounded and also makes us appreciate our lives with loved ones. Can't wait for my next big trip sailing to the Norwegian Fjords next June!

Hope you enjoyed reading my adventures . . . . stay tuned!!!

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