15 October 18 - Baune, France

Beaune is the perfect base for exploring the Côte d’Or wine region that stretches to the north and south of the city. Burgundy’s most influential wine merchants are all based here: Louis Jadot, Joseph Drouhin, and Bouchard Père et Fils, to name but a few. Beaune was a Gallic sanctuary, then a Roman town; some of its ramparts are still intact and you can even walk on them. Until the 14th century, Beaune was the residence of the ducs de Bourgogne. When the last duke, Charles the Bold, died in 1477, Louis XI annexed the town. The main sight is the Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices Civils de Beaune, also known as the Hospices de Beaune. The Swiss-born Chevrolet brothers, who moved to the US and created one of the world’s best-known car brands, were brought up here.

I woke up early and saw this beautiful sunrise. . ..

After breakfast it was off to visit the Burgundy vineyards before heading into the center of Baune.

When we arrived in Beaune we had a tour of the town before having a few hours on our own to have lunch and wander the charming cobbled-stoned streets. It's a lovely town with small quaint little shops.

I had an amazing lunch at this sidewalk cafe called Le Carnot and the luncheon special was "Wild Boar"...OMG this was sooooooo good! with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and it was only $10..... they had the name of the restaurant on the wine glass and since I am a wine glass aficionado I asked if they sold them and as luck would have it, they did! So of course I bought a couple, cute souvenir for me.


Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune is a former charitable almshouse in Beaune, France. It was founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of Burgundy, as a hospital for the poor. The original hospital building, the Hôtel-Dieu, one of the finest examples of French fifteenth-century architecture, is now a museum. Services for patients are now provided in modern hospital buildings. An important charity wine auction is held in November each year (formerly in the great hall of the Hôtel-Dieu).

We got back to the ship at around  4PM and I found these guys near the back of the ship.

And of course my chosen doggy for the city of Baune is . . . . . . . 


 Yawwwnnnnn time for bed....see you tomorrow.

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