11 Oct - Air Canada

Finally got settled into my comfy "pod".....omg this is the way to travel! Lots of room to stretch out and the service was amazing....nothing like having a cool glass of champagne to start the trip off on a good note (and yes it was real Champagne not that cheap bubbly they serve you on other airlines).

I swear they served you something continuously! After the champagne we were served a drink and some mixed nuts (not the little bag of cheap nuts either, it was a bowl filled with almonds, cashews & hazelnuts.)

Then the feast began! First I was served this delicious smoked salmon which was to die for, with a green salad and the cutest, tiniest olive oil bottle I have ever see..lol.

The salmon was followed by this really great steak, which was to my surprise, extremely tender with yummy mashed potatoes and asparagus which I usually never eat but even they were good. 

Following that it was time for three different kinds of cheese and Port wine..... I was really stuffed by then but ate it anyways ..lol  

Ah yes then they served a mind-blowing chocolate souffle with a delicious sauce of tiny blueberries. And of course all this was followed with coffee and a nice frosty glass of Bailey's.

After the meal I settled in to watch a real good movie with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams called "Game Night"...was really good. I relaxed reading a good book for a few hours and then decided to take to check out this lie-flat bed.  OMG this was so great! Every part of the seat adjusts to your liking and in bed mode is slowly goes from a seat to a comfy bed, they even give you a small padded mattress and a duvet complete with a fluffy pillow.

Even though I didn't sleep except for a few minutes here and there I was able to get a few hours of rest and then lo and behold it was breakfast time. We were arriving in Lyon in an hour so just enough time to eat a nice breakfast which comprised of Cinnamon & apple oatmeal, a croissant with jam and butter and a fluffy spinach omelette with yogurt, roasted potatoes and a sausage. I just could not finish it all, still stuffed from only a few hours ago. 

We finally landed in Lyon at 07:50AM and 15 minutes later I was in my private limo heading for the "Cours Des Loges" hotel in the old town.......come back soon to read more!

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