02 Nov 14 - Krakow, Poland

Today I had to get up at 4:00am in order to take a 5:00am transfer from the ship to the airport. My cruise had come to an end and I left Porto for Krakow. Unfortunately it was not an easy itinerary, I had to take three flights and finally arrived in Krakow, Poland at 5:30PM.

The Hotel Europejski is an Old World style hotel with antiques and period fixtures which I really like. I had rented their deluxe apartment so that I could have a comfortable stay and could make myself some coffee late at night and have a fridge for my endless need of Diet Coke. I was not prepared for how large this apartment is! It has two bedrooms, a large living-room with a piano and a corner fireplace; a beautiful modern bathroom with a large tub; a cute kitchen and 20 foot high ceilings. Here are some shots:

The flights were very tiring so I was anxious to settle in and then I went off to have a good dinner. The restaurant in the hotel was fantastic and the prices in Poland are far lower than any other major European city which is a bonus.

I had a home made chicken soup where they even make the noodles themselves, this was the perfect start on a cool night after a tiring day. I then asked them for something typically Polish and she brought me this great pork cutlet with roasted potatoes, it was marvelous.

After this meal all I wanted was to get back to my room, get into my nightie and relax in front of my nice fireplace with a glass of wine before bed.. was heaven!


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