05 November - Cruising, Vienna, Austria

Today was a full day of sailing on the Danube on our way to Vienna. Once again it was great to sleep in and have a late breakfast. I took the time to relax today and take some photos of the ship.

Lunch is always a sumptuous buffet with hot and cold entrees of all kinds, you could never taste it all (but I did try!). 

I love eating in the dining room when we are sailing, it's great to sit there enjoying gourmet food and wine while tiny villages sail by outside the panoramic windows.

Today was a rather gray day but still warm and no rain so it made relaxing kinda cozy.

It was a good day to catch up on photo editing and also a quick nap before dinner.....ahhhh the life on a river cruise is wonderful!

We arrived in Vienna in the early evening and we we docked in an area that showed us the modern side of this incredible city.

I went to dinner around 7:30 and had a nice Caesar salad, lobster bisque and the most wonderful salmon followed by French pastries. River cruising does nothing for your diet unfortunately :o) 

I made it an early night watching a movie in my cabin and then drifted off to dream of the next day in Vienna!

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