Prague Part 4

Well today was my last day in Prague and I had a late afternoon flight home so that I could have some added time to do some shopping. The day started out a little cloudy to match my mood but shortly it cleared up and I was off to do some damage in the shops. The Czech Republic is world-famous for three main things, garnets, crystal and beads and I planned to get a little of each.

I crossed the Charles Bridge as I had done dozens of times in the past few days enroute towards the Old Town. Last night when I had left the Estate Theatre I had seen a beautiful doll in the window of a shop and I was determined to get it. The problem was in all the winding streets I had taken I couldn't remember where it was! So as I tried to retrace my steps from last night I stopped along the way in one shop or the other picking up some small souvenir here and there. Finally I saw a street which seemed familiar. As I turned a corner there was the store finally. The porcelein doll was still there in the window and the sales lady advised it was made in the Czech Republic and the markings on her said the same so I was happy to buy it.  

As I wandered through the store I found some beautiful crystal glasses which of course I just had to have. The workmanship is just beautiful. They are hand-painted with 24KT gold and I just fell in love with them. I was amazed how quite affordable they were as opposed to hand-painted glasses I had previously purchased in Venice a few years earlier. I would have liked to take home a large set but I had bought so many things in the past month that I just had no idea where I would even put these, but I would figure it out later. 

The city has so many astonishing shops brimming with items that take your breath away but words can never do justice to them so I will give you some photos here to see for yourselves.

The narrow streets are filled with shop after shop of the most varied and wonderful treasures, it's just so hard to decide on what you really want to take home, it is quite overwhelming! I did find a shop that made home made candy and chocolates as well as the most yummy cookies, of course I had to go in. So adorable that the shop was called BonBon.

Here are some more shots of the fairytale like streets. It is like walking in an Aesop Fable ...... so beautiful with the colored buildings and lamposts, flowers and amazing architecture. It is quite dreamlike to walk around here. Next to Venice this is my favorite city in Europe to walk around in.

I wandered back towards my hotel to get ready to leave and I took pictures of the beautiful statues on either side of the bridge as well as the beautiful colorful buildings which can be seen from the bridge. I thought I would share them here.

This day and this voyage has now unfortunately come to an end. I have been gone for over 4 weeks and have experienced so many varied cultures, savoured many different cuisines and visited Old World Europe at it's best. Memories for a lifetime will be coupled with the anticipation of my return.

I always say "Love is the food of life and travel is the dessert", during this adventure I have experienced a virual feast!

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