Vienna, Austria Part 1

28 May 2011 - Today was an early start for the airport at 7am. I flew from Paris to Vienna which was only 1-1/2 hours so it was not so bad. Upon arrival I was met by a Uniworld representative and after waiting for a few more people off we went to the ship.

We arrived at lunchtime so they had a nice buffet arranged and since I was starving by now was happy to finally have a snack.

The cabin is quite nice, I have the best category on board so I am on the top deck with a sliding glass door and a French balcony which is great. The bed is very confortable and has a feather duvet and feather pillows.

I walked along the river a bit but basically used the rest of the day to unpack and setup all my stuff for the next 12 days. I took a nice nap in the late afternoon and then got ready for dinner.

I met a cute lil old man from Chicago and he is a hoot, always has a joke or a one-liner, he is fun. I also met a great many Canadians surprising enough. Two couples from Vancouver, 2 from Nova Scotia and some from Ontario. I was pleasantly surprised.

Dinner was marvelous they had veal cutlets which is the traditional dish of Vienna, was delicious. They had pastries of every kind as well which was a no-no but what the heck, I am on vacation.

Had a quick drink in the bar and then went back to the cabin to make it an early night since tommorrow is an early start with the city tour.

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  1. Ahhh, it reminds me of when I was there in Sept. 2008, such nice memories.